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* Carrying Forward the Torch of Consistency and Initiative *

Since its establishment in 1894, Kowa has grown into a multinational company actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of pharmaceutical, life science and information technology, textiles, machinery and various consumer products. Kowa has during its long history consistently strived to meet the changing needs, and with its continuing entrepreneurial initiative is determined to meet the needs of future generations. It is this commitment to consistency and initiative in an ever-changing world that Kowa vows to carry forward through each generation.

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For over 100 years since its foundation as a cotton fabric wholesaler in Japan in 1894, Kowa Company, Ltd. has grown into a global company at the heart of the Kowa Group, actively engaged in various business fields with major focuses on trading of textiles, machinery, construction materials and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, eco-friendly & energy saving products. Kowa Group is comprised of Kowa Company, Kowa Pharmaceutical Company & Kowa Shinyaku Company at its core, together with over 100 of other affiliated companies.


KOWA (THAILAND) CO.,LTD, the Thai subsidiary of Kowa Co. Ltd., was established in 2013.
Worldwide network backed by its rich heritage always had an impact on its services, quality, culture and the affirmative environment of the company. Our operations can majorly be grouped into two business fields:


Ethical / OTC medicines, Cosmetics, Optical products & lenses and Medical devices & equipment
Vertical integration of our operations along with horizontal expansion of our business further reinforces our growth and continuation, which intend to create a comfortable and prosperous society. We at the same time are reforming and preparing ourselves for the future keeping in mind the shape and potential of industries worldwide.

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